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Congratulations Michael and his Sydney team. Qantas travel insider has placed Cafe Del Mar Sydney on the official list of the top 10 rooftop bars in the world. travelinsider.qantas.com.au   

Michael Vale is the man solely responsible for travelling to Madrid and bringing home the head license for one of the world's most famous and iconic food-beverage lifestyle and music branding names for the Australian market, with the establishment of Cafe Del Mar Australia Pty Ltd back in 2008, five years before introducing the project to his Sydney partners.

As founder and majority shareholder of an Australian franchising company Michael was the driving force behind the appointment of a suitable Sydney licensee, the site allocation-conceptual creation construction and eventual grand launch of Australia's first Cafe Del Mar "Sunset Bar" at Cockle Bay on Sydney's Darling Harbour.    

                                                                                                                                  The New Look Piccolo Bar Terrace          
Café Del Mar

A superb 350 seat "State of the Art" operation with a private "Chill Out" Room and enjoying a direct Australian  sunset overlooking the tranquil waters of Darling Harbour. A slice of the Ibiza and Meditteranean lifestyle culture right in the heart of corporate Sydney Australia. The world's first Cafe Del Mar "Urban" flagship model.

Within a few short months Sydney's Cafe Del Mar has hosted local and international celebrities such as Jamie Oliver Alfred Cointreau Richard Wilkins Kyle Sandiland and Jaquie O Barry Du Bois Amanda Keller and our very own TV celebrity Spanish chef Miguel Maestre, including a host of internationally aclaimed DJs and entertainers.

Michael personally sourced out Australia's most famous Spanish TV celebrity chef: Sydney's own "Crazy Bull" Miguel Maestre and brought him into the Cafe Del Mar management team. Miguel has been a tremendous assett to the new operation as he put his stamp on the unique Spanish-Mediterranean inspired menu. www.miguelmaestre.com.au                                   

The "jewel" on this world famous Spanish Crown will be the rebranding and reinvention of a "Club Med" style Australian coastal resort redevelopment, unlike anything ever experienced on the Australian Pacific resort scene.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           



Café Del Mar Café Del Mar Café Del Mar
Cafe Del Mar Sydney's fabulous new main dining room facing Darling Harbour  Our very own celebrity Spanish chef Miguel Maestre at the Sydney launch  The massive "Chill Out" balcony facing the tranquil waters of Darling Harbour  
Café Del Mar Café Del Mar Café Del Mar
Long time Cafe Del Mar fan the famous Jamie Oliver drops in to say hello to Michael and a very excited Sydney crew  Sydney radio's Kyle Sandiland and Jaquie O with TV personality Amada Keller drop in for a drink and a sunset session An Australian sunset draws massive crowds with the world famous Cafe Del Mar "Chillout" music setting the mood
Café Del Mar Café Del Mar Café Del Mar
Our very own Miguel Maestre with John and our good friend and long standing Cafe Del Mar fan Richard Wilkins  A very excited Cafe Del Mar kitchen crew with Miguel Maestre and Miss Australia  Our very own K9 mascots 
Café Del Mar Café Del Mar Café Del Mar
A swag of Cafe Del Mar "Chill-Out" fans enjoying a  iconic music at a Sunday afternoon session   the undisputed King of the Paella Pans our own Miguel with fellow TV personality host Amanda Keller Cafe Del Mar executive "Chill Out" fans with Cafe Del Mar founder Michael Vale & and partner Maree with Sydney hotelier Patrick Gallagher at the gala launch  


Click to go to Facebook's Cafe Del Mar Sydney Opening To View Gala Sydney Launch Party

Café Del Mar Café Del Mar Café Del Mar
Café Del Mar Café Del mar Café Del Mar

The Fabulous New Cafe Del Mar Marbella on the Spanish Coast

Café Del Mar

The World Famous Cafe Del Mar "Chill Out" Music Loved and Adored by Tens of Millions of Fans World-WideCafé Del Mar

The New Cafe Del Mar Malta

Café Del Mar

Cafe Del Mar represents the "quintessential" essence of an elegant and sophisticated mediterranean lifestlye

    Café Del Mar


Australia: welcome to the world of Cafe Del Mar



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