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Michael Vale

Congratulations: Michael Vale-Simon Laxton & the team at Events in the Sky Australia on the spectacular Sydney launch of 'Dinner in the Sky' flying high above Circular Quay.  www.dinnerinthesky.com (international)  www.eventsinthesky.com.au  (Australia & N Z)

 CH9 Today Show: www.9now.com.au/today/2017/clip-cja4zt2f1002h0go6gynvcr3i 

Michael Vale is a 'battle hardened' Sydney food and beverage operator-consultant and project manager, and a major player in the local hospitality industry, with over 39 years hands-on experience in the Australian market.

In that time Michael has conceptually invented, created, financed and launched over 33 Sydney based operations, with two international projects, one in midtown Manhattan, New York City, and one in a five star luxury resort in Fiji.

Underpinned by a strong commercial 'Point of Differentiation' these operations were conceptually built by Michael and his team, with the majority financed by 'passive' local and international investors introduced to the project by Michael and his extensive network crew based in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Michael also shares a strategic alliance and mission specific partnership with the team at the 'Food Business Consultancy Group' www.foodbusinessconsultancy.com.au Nine highly qualified Sydney professionals, working at the 'cutting edge' of unique Sydney conceptual inventions in alcohol-food and ground breaking visual entertainment concepts, consulting to high profile branding names such as Murray's Brewery-Gloria Jeans Coffee and Hurricanes Steakhouse.

BUYING A BUSINESS? WHY PAY GOODWILL? Why on earth would anyone pay 'top dollar' for goodwill in a new business, when it is so easy to simply produce it in the Sydney market with a new ground breaking hospitality concept and expand from there under your own trademark and branding name? (Click on: why pay for goodwill page) and view dozens of potential opportunities ready for commercial exploitation in the Sydney and possibly greater Australian market. 

Michael's personal business philosophy for today's industry is very simple: There is virtually no point trying to move forward if everyone else in town is moving in the exact same direction! Dont just be part of the next "BIG" thing, Be the next 'BIG' thing!

Michael's concept is very simple. Start something new, a unique new flagship operation, make it 'Sizzle' with one ground-breaking concept, & then we bring in investors & make it grow on 'our' terms. There are a dozens of Sydney operations that are riding high on the creation of a new commercial concept, some building 'empires' from just one new product, & making it their own.

Why listen to Michael Vale? Michael Vale is one of Sydney's most highly respected and credible hospitality creators. He comes to any new project with a world of hands-on experience and decades of first hand knowledge.

He travels the world viewing the latest in unique and iconic hospitality ideas and trends, resulting in the representation of a host of international brands wishing to enter into the Australian market via a Sydney 'flagship' operation. (click on: international brands)

Michael specialises in solving retail solutions, expert in the art of inventing and creating new avenues of revenue for existing food and beverage operations, and in conceptual development for Cafes-Bars-Restaurants and Pubs for new Sydney clients.

If Michael can help launch a 22 seat restaurant 'floating in the sky' hanging off a crane high over Sydney harbour resulting in massive media and national TV coverage, imagine what skills and talents he could bring to your new or existing operation?

In 2004 BRW Magazine chose to do a double page story on Michael's business philosophy in the hospitality industry. In 2014 Qantas Insider Magazine voted Michael's Cafe Del Mar project at Cockle Bay as one of the top ten rooftop bars in the world. 

Jamie Olver Jamie Oliver

 World famous celebrity chef and TV personality Jamie Oliver visits Michael at Cafe Del Mar in Sydney and meets head chef Ben Fenton and an extremely excited Sydney crew  (click-on cafe del mar story)

Michael Vale is the founder of Cafe Del Mar Australia Pty Ltd, responsible for bringing one of the world's most famous global branding names to Australia, with the launch of the nation's first Sunset Bar at  Cockle Bay on Sydney's Darling harbour, hosting local and international celebrities and entertainers such as Jamie Oliver, Boy George, Alfred Cointreau, Richard Wilkins, Kyle & Jackie O, Kamal, Amada Keller & Barry Du Boise & our own 'in house' TV celebrity chef the Spanish Bull Miguel Maestre. 

Miguel Maestre

Our brand ambassador Miguel Maestre

Boy George

Boy George visits Café Del Mar Sydney June 2017


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