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Michael Vale and his team at the Food Business Consultancy Group offers new Sydney clients the following services:

(1) Do you wish to conceptually create and/or launch a new Sydney based F&B or hospitality business and  branding name, leading to a near term expansion and possibly create a franchise roll out?


(2) Do you feel that you have a great new food and beverage idea or concept and dont know how to get investors and launch in Sydney?


(3) Do you have an existing hospitality operation and wish to create a ‘Big Picture’ scenario with the introduction of a group of passive investors to finance the expansion?


(4) Do you wish to create an investment profile with the intent of bringing in passive investors to finance an entire 'chain' starting with a Sydney flagship operation?


(5) Do you have an existing Sydney based hospitality operation and wish to 'exit' via the creation of a investment profile to finance a 'big Picture exit ’ scenario? (Dont just sell the sausage-sell the 'Sizzle')


(6) Do you need passive investors to grow and/or expand any new or existing hospitality concept?


(7) Do you have a business and need someone to open new markets and potential new avenues of revenue?


Michael Vale is only one of a handfull of individuals that have created these opportunities over 15 times in the Sydney market, with a total 'hands-on' experience of over 39 years. 

Michael works on a simple 'fees for services' basis, and does not charge clients for having an initial exploratory chat or for a first meeting.



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